This information is taken straight from the VCAA Study Design for the subject, which can be found here.

Outcome Two:

Key knowledge
This knowledge includes
· the causes and nature of armed conflicts in the post Cold War period, including global terrorism;
· the definition of terrorism and terrorist and state and non state terror;
· views of the causes and effects of international terrorism and terrorists;
· the extent of and limitations on the power of the United States as a superpower in relation to other sources of power;
· the success or failure of state/s or group/s involved in a specific conflict in the post cold war period, including global terrorism.

Key skills

These skills include the ability to
· analyse key points of conflict in the post Cold War world;
· use and explain key concepts in understanding international relations such as `terror', `terrorism', `international law', `superpower', 'neo-imperialism';
· evaluate the extent of success for the State/s or group/s involved in a specific post cold war conflict;
· synthesise evidence to draw conclusions about the nature of conflict in the post Cold War world.


*Media Watch (annotation in Diigo)
*Wiki Text Critique and Update (Threes)
*Weekly Learning Activities


*SAC 3