*ON FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT TONIGHT THERE IS A STORY ABOUT UYGHURS IN KASHGAR - a far western city in Xinjiang province. Tonight, ABC, 8pm. Info here: http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2009/s2634195.htm*


Watch the following videos, read the articles and then do further research to answer the questions at the bottom of the page:

Xinjiang Repression in China (This is a 20 minute YouTube video with some short sections in Chinese that unfortunately don't have subtitles. Watch this one together as a class).

140 Killed in Xinjiang violence
. Note: This video is from CCTV (China Central Television) which is the major state television broadcaster in mainland China. What affect do you think this has on the way the story has been reported?

China's changing approach to reporting Xinjiang - 08 Jul 09

Xinjiang is China:

China demands film festival dump Uighur documentary:

Beijing Pressures Film Festival to Dump Documentary
Chinese film makers withdraw from Melbourne International Film Festival

The film 10 Conditions of Love is screening on Sat 8 August at 4:45 pm - let me know if you are interested in going.

You may need to do research beyond the articles and videos here to complete these questions.

Write the answers in a word document and add them to the bottom of this page. Use the 'Insert Images' option which is the little icon to the left of the blue television - the one that looks like a little green painting with a red sun in it. Make sure your filename has YOUR NAME in it and is written like this: eg: JESS XINJIANG ANSWERS.

1. Who are the Uighurs? Write a short paragraph about their history.
2. What do they want in regards to the area known as Xinjiang?
3. Why are the Chinese government reluctant to allow independence?
4. What policy instruments has China used to defend what national interest/s in the case of Xinjiang?
5. Looking at the key words that underpin this study (you can find them here on the Word Cards page), which ones apply to this issue and why?
6. Summarise the issue involving the Melbourne International Film Festival and state your opinion on whether or not the film, 10 Conditions of Love should have been withdrawn or not, explaining why.
7. How has China extended its use of its policy instruments to an issue in Australia?