1. Read pages 171 - 182 of your textbook - available on StudyWiz in the China - Taiwan folder.

2. Read through http://cshsinternational.wikispaces.com/Territorial+Integrity

3. In pairs, create a 2-3 minute video debate where one of you is for Chinese rule of Taiwan and one of you is against. Present as many arguments for either side that you can find. Make sure you include:
  • a definition of the One China policy
  • the Beijing position (current policy)
  • the Washington position (current policy)
  • the Taiwan position (current policy)
  • domestic pressures within Taiwan
  • reference to at least two very recent (in the last two months) articles on the issue

In your video you may take on the role of Chinese President Hu Jintao, US President Barack Obama, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou or any other role you see as appropriate.