What does Creating a Harmonious Society Mean?
Creating a harmonious society means a state with little or no social tension. In the case of China, social tension can be defined as inadequate social security, government seizure of land, unemployment, official corruption and environmental pollution; in creating a state without the above, China's population would presumably be content and thus have little to complain about, therefore the international opinion of China will improve.

In your group and using the following resources as well as any others you find (add any that you use to this page), collect and outline (summarise) evidence to show that one of Beijing's national interests is creation of a harmonious society. Be prepared to present this page to the class.

1. Textbook page 159 - 160

2. CPC Seeks Advice on Building Harmonious Society

3. Construction of Political Civilization Gives Political Guarantee for Building Socialist Harmonious Society

4. China trying to build a harmonious society
This link refers to a transcript from a meeting between various chinese and american scholars which discusses this particular area of China's national interest

5. Party diplomacy helps build global harmony
An article from china.org

6. Letter from China: A 'harmonious society' hearing different notes
An article from the New York Times in which the shift in China from keeping the people under control through to creating a "Harmonious Society" in which people are happy and content and thus don't need to be kept under control. They discuss that this shift promotes citizens to have a say within the walls of China in a way which can be seen as constructive as opposed to "throwing rocks from outside the walls" and inciting international criticism.

7. China's Party Leadership Declares New Priority: 'Harmonious Society'
An article from the Washington Post which discusses the Chinese governements declaration of their intention to create a harmonious society and the priority it takes. The article reports on a political doctrine announced by President Hu Jintao that calls for the creation of a "Harmonious Society". It discusses this move as further proof that China is shifting it's focus from economic growth to resolving the social issues (such as poverty and hunger) which are a major barrier to international support.

8. Building harmonious society crucial for China's progress: Hu
Article from the Chinese People's Daily that reports on the government's view that creating a harmonious society is integral to moving forward in international regard and influence. The paper is directly approved by the government, so any news reported is what they want the readers to know. The paper quotes China's President, Hu Jintao as saying
"The CPC and the central government have made it an important task to build a harmonious society, as China is facing thorny domestic issues, as well as complicated and volatile international situations"