1. Create a set of word cards covering list this of words. Put the word on one side then the definition on the other. Write the definition in pencil (or type up your cards) so you can change it if need be when we look at them in class.


This could also be the start of a glossary for those of you who would benefit from that - which is all of you really. It would be helpful to keep a list of key words that you come across with a definition that you have written and understand well.

2. Read pages 140-154 of text book (you should have received a copy in class, or you have your own) and complete:
  • Activity 1 and 2 on page 152
  • Question 1 and the top of page 154 (What is national interest?)
  • Question 1 at the bottom of page 154 (Classifying countries)

3. Korea - Case Study

Read the two documents about Korea that are on StudyWiz.
Create a keynote/podcast/video of approximately 3 minutes in length answering the following question:

"How has power created difference between North and South Korea?"

Use the questions at the end of each of the readings to base your research and information on, though make the focus of your podcast the current situation of the North Korean missile tests and the ramifications of them.

Save any good sites / article you find to the Diigo group and share them on Twitter. If you are using the Diigo Toolbar to save sites, there is a little box that says 'Send to Twitter.'

4. Find and follow 10 people on Twitter who are relevant to the subject. Make sure you continue tweeting about the things you are learning as you do so. Just updates every now and again when you learn something new. Share what you are learning with each other and with the wider community.

Tweet, email, Wiz, message me if you need help.