Globalization and Internationalism has affected human rights in many different ways, both negatively and positively.

The United Nations is an institution that upholds the ideal of internationalism and human rights. All of it's operations and organs are based upon the founding Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was created in 1945. Since then, The UN has publicized many breaches of human rights across the world. Not only has it publicized these issues, but it has set up agencies to combat these crimes, such as the UNHCR which protects the rights of refugees and eventually helps them find permanent residence. Internationalism has also brought every country into the spotlight- their actions are viewed on the world stage, and they are held accountable by the UN.
The increase of corporations that are operating in multiple countries can be attributed to Globalization. These corporations seek natural resources and cheaper labour in developing countries which can have devastating effects on both the environment and most importantly, the community. These multinational corporations employ people from the local community, paying them extremely low wages for excessively long shifts.
the green t shirt shows a pregnant woman being targetted

the green t shirt shows a pregnant woman being targetted.