International Standing

In your group and using the following resources as well as any others you find (add any that you use to this page), collect and outline (summarise) evidence to show that one of Beijing's national interests is international standing. Be prepared to present this page to the class.

1. Textbook pages 158-159

These two videos show how China is acting to improve its international standing
and how the state desires to be viewed positively on the world stage.
This is shown through these videos about improving human rights and
how valuable China is as an asset when it comes to economic policy.

China's world standing takes a battering
China's world image is almost as bad as after the tiannamen square massacre of 1989. Human rights breaches have been reported all across the country. This supports the idea that international standing is an important thing for China because they have continued to try to win back the trust and respect of the international community by vowing to improve human rights- China devoted to improving human rights

China's Foreign Minister activities
This is a link to the page that shows all of the international events that China has attended over the past few years. Each event is a link itself to go snoop around for stuff.

Snippet from an economist article on China and Asian:**
IF THIS is to be the Asian century, future historians might pinpoint 2008 as the year it truly began. Curiously, the event that will symbolise this is rooted deep in Western tradition: China’s staging of the Olympic games in Beijing next August.
As with Berlin in 1936, Tokyo in 1964 and Seoul in 1988, the Olympics will symbolise the emergence as a global force of a country until recently mired in poverty and upheaval. The election in November 2007 of a new Australian government led by a Mandarin-speaker (Kevin Rudd) will be seen as recognition of the new international order. Link to where article was sourced..

2. China takes its place on the international stage (2006)

3. China's role in international organisations

4. Independent Foreign Policy of Peace