Media Watch

This task requires you to use Diigo to annotate, tag and save web pages to our class group. By the end of the term, you should have 8 articles annotated and saved - one for each topic of study, including the introduction and SAC revision sections.

Tags to use: vceintpol, aos2, globalconflicts - as well as whatever else is relevant to the article.

Here is a short (and slightly fuzzy) video that quickly shows you how to add sticky notes, comments and highlight parts of webpages using Diigo in Safari. If you use Firefox or something else, then still have a look at this video anyway as it will give you a few clues for what to look for using the other browser. In Firefox you should have the Diigo toolbar installed which is a lot bigger than the Safari Diigolet and very straightforward to use.

What to write:
  • You may annotate a few different spots on the article. What you write doesn't all have to appear in one sticky note - it's best if it doesn't.
  • Write a brief summary of the article, outlining the major points and arguments.
  • Write why you think it is a good or not so good source - you may have read another article you can compare it to. If so, make note of that in your annotation maybe even with a link to the other article.
  • Highlight certain parts of the article that are relevant to your annotation.