What is a multinational corporation?

Name of Company & Head Office
How many countries does it operate In?
What do the main operations consist of?
What are the main points in its mission statement or statement of things it wants to achieve?
What were its profits in 2007 2008?
How many people does it employ and in how many countries?
Has it been involved in anything controversial? If so what?
Has it been the target of protestors? If so why?
What are the Major challenges faced by the company?
Shell Oil Company, Houston Texas.
North Sea Drilling Operation
Reduce the negative impact its product has on the world.
13.9 billion
The EPA issued a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act. Shell also transfered 28.4 gallons of gasoline onto barges without vapor recovery equipment. There was also a loading port bay built without a permit. Shell was also in violation of the Clean Air Act as of 2008.
A shell station manager posted signs reading "Big Oils Unearthed Profit" in protest of zone pricing. Shell terminated the employees lease on the station and later ordered him to vacate the station. This previous employee of Shell died two years later from liver failure as the result of a hunger strike.
Reduce the impact of its operations on the millions of migratory birds that encounter the North Sea drilling operations.
McDonalds Corporation
the company began in America, in California, by Dick and Mac McDonald, and then was turned into a corporation fifteen years later by Ray Kroc, in Illinois. Current home base is in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.
more than 100 countries

( 119 countries)
Serves the world some of its favorite foods - World Famous French Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin.

-Making, selling, Producing food, opening up franchises in other countries
For McDonald’s, corporate responsibility is about living our values each and every day. It’s about taking action, achieving results and always maintaining open lines of communication with our customers and other key stakeholders.

· We place the customer experience at the core of all we do
· We are committed to our people
· We believe in a McDonald’s system
· We operate our business ethically
· We give back to our communities
· We grow our business profitably
· We strive continually to improve

-Operating income was US$3.879 Billion in 2007
2,800 employees in 30, 000 restaurants over 119 countries
Supersize Me was a movie made in the US which showed a man eating mcdonalds for 30 days. he became obese and his health weakened.

Yes, cruelty to animals, damaging the environment, low wages and poor treatment of workers, and brainwashing children into eating unhealthy food are the main reasons.

-It has been targeted by many activist groups, accused of unethical conduct and environmentally unfriendly behaviour, as well as contributing to obesity, and misinforming customers about the content of their food. They are supplied chicken is fed soya from brazil, supplied by Cargill, who apparently are causing the destruction of the Amazon, putting people into slavery and invading indigenous land. This is just one example.
Dealing with the fact that most of their products are very unhealthy, and is seen like an emotionless, low quality, cheap food, that is very bad for you. Most people have a very low opinion of McDonalds, and it is never really taken very seriously. (resources: