It has been said that the progressions made via globalisation and internationalism have affected politics and its original operations. This means that there are now two new driving forces within International Politics.

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The article we read explains a new system of governance that has emerged in recent years, where governments, as well as intergovernmental and transnational agencies are making global and transnational policies that help to achieve common goals.
An example given was one from the WTO - which has been said to have set up a system of standard rules for global trade. This system is said to have problems with the issue of inequalities between the powerful and the powerless, but in turn, still regulates what governments can and cannot do in foreign trade regardless.

International Law is both a component of globalisation and internationalism, and is considered and important part of out modern world. Global standards have been set for all countries to follow, this is so there are equal laws among all countries so no conflict is resulted in political difference between them. Many of the weaknesses of International Law are ignored .

Politics is also being changed by people around the world having the ability to easily and readily organize global protest regarding major issues or events.
An example from this comes from the events that took place from 2005, where billions took the streets all over the world to protest against and also put pressure on the G8 states to provide a greater assistance to Africa. These movements have been able to impact and change politics an also have been able to successfully make governments give more assistance to Africa. Examples of these are below:

Example 1: Aljazeera Newspaper - Restoring Somalia

Example 2: The Age Newspaper

By Kiki Alistair & Sadiaa bro