You each need to add one current example that supports each of the answers for 3-9 and the extended response questions. Put your name after your example and a link to the article you found about it.

Short Answer Questions:

1. Define the following terms as they relate to the study of international relations:
a) Globalisation
Globalisation refers to the worldwide expansion and mobility of goods, communication, labour, services and technology on a global scale - making more resources easily accessible throughout the world at a faster rate.
A Globalisation Article that we think you should read bro

(by kiki & sadiaa bro)

b) Internationalism

example: Leaders Pledge billions to rebuild Gaza- Jess
example: North Atlantic Treaty(and NATO) - Jess

c) Sovereignty
d) State
e) Multinational corporation
f)free trade
(by sadiaa & kiki)
2. Outline the key objectives of each of the following:

This article is not about the objectives of these organisations, but how some think they are outdated. It also says that now, because of the financial crisis, these organisations have been revived. - Jess

b)World Bank

3. List and describe two ways in which the UN is working to live up to the ideals of internationalism.

The US and UN Should restore Somalia - Jess

4. State and explain one occasion when the United Nations has played an effective role in the post-Cold War world.

5. Describe the stated objective of the IMF / World Bank / WTO
-give an example of its work
-to what extent was the aim of the work listed above achieved
-explain what criticisms exist of the way in which this organization operates.

6. List three pro-globalisation arguments and explain one of them.
  • Creates lower trade barriers which helps the Lesser Developed Nations trade with the world and also provides opportunities for employment: Lesser Developed Nations find it difficult to break into international trade on their own. Now due to the developments associated with Globalisation, they are able to enter the international trade market much more freely and easily - enabling them to start up their own business and trade operations to bring more money into their country and therefore strengthening their own national economy. This break into international trade also helps to provide many more job opportunities for the people within that country, therefore creating a better standard of living.

  • Allows ideas to move freely between countries and therefore helps countries around the world develop and progress: People from around the world can get in touch with one another and share various types of information more easily and quickly. This allows people around the world to become more socially aware on a global scale. This information can also lead to countries developing at a much faster rate as they try to keep up to par with other countries around the world, therefore constantly developing their technologies and way of life and allowing the prospect of continuous innovation.

  • Politics from all countries is merging and decisions being made are now becoming more beneficial for everyone all over the world: As national leaders are communicating with one another more frequently and easily, politics between countries are merging and ideas and customs are being shared. This leads to more tolerant and open politics globally and also helps to improve the politics in countries. This also can instigate the formation of alliances between countries.
by kiki & sadiaa..bro

7. List three anti-globalisation arguments and explain one of them.

New Debit Tsumani as Crisis hits South (how to GFC is affecting poorer countries) - Jess

8. Choose two of the following and explain the impact that the forces of globalization and internationalism have had on them since the end of the Cold War. You must give some specific examples to support your argument.

International Trade

World Trade to Fall by 9%- Jess
Upcoming G20 summit on global economic management- Jess
G20 - bankers warned to dress down for capitalist demonstrations, London- Jess
Gordon Brown backs calls for new international fund to help poorest countries through financial crisis- Jess

The environment

UN urges action on water policies- Jess

Human Rights and Refugees
Technology and Communications

9. ‘We in the wealthy West have the lead responsibility to prevent tragedy among people who have equal rights to prosperity and security. Ultimately we will be judged individually on how we have treated the planet and its citizens.’ – Former US President Jimmy Carter.

Has globalization enhanced the ‘rights to prosperity and security’ of people in the developing world?


1. Evaluate the impact of globalization on the role of the state and/or the concept of sovereignty.

2. Evaluate the impact of internationalism on the role of the state and/or the concept of sovereignty.

3. The benefits of globalization outweigh the negatives. Discuss.

4. Choose one of the following and explain the impact that globalization and/or internationalism have had on this issue: International Trade; The environment; Human rights and refugees; Technology and communications; Politics.