WTO Fact Sheet:


The World Trade Organisation:


· Deals with the rules of trade between countries
· The agreements are negotiated and signed by the worlds trading countries, and ratified by their parliaments
· Helps keep the trade equal, and increase economic growth
· Established in 1995


· Established in 1995
· Based in Geneva, Switzerland
· 153 countries, 117 are developing countries
· Annual budget of $200 million
· Ministerial conference is the highest institutional body and meets every two years
· General council conducts the organizations business in the intervals


· Pursuit of open borders, non-discriminatory treatment by and among members, transparency within it’s activities
· Sustainable development, raise welfare, reduce poverty, foster peace and stability
· Domestic and international policies that contribute to economic growth and development according to each members needs and aspirations

Current Activities

· WTO’s main activities:
-negotiating the reduction or elimination of obstacles to trade (e.g. import tariffs),
- administering and monitoring the application of WTO’s agreed rules,
-settling disputes over trade agreements between countries,
-conducting economic research