In order to give yourself the best opportunity of staying up to date the following is a list of how you should be approaching each week of study:

  • read the wiki text page, listen to the podcast, watch the videos (whatever is on the page) BEFORE Monday's class. (It's a good idea to go over the text/audio/video etc more than once).
  • watch SBS news every night - there will be regular quizzes
  • check your Google Reader and news sites for the most relevant articles for the week - have one article annotated and saved in Diigo BEFORE Tuesday's class
  • check the Diigo group - we are all going to be annotating and saving relevant articles each week, so it will be really handy to keep an eye on it to help us all stay up to date. Use it as a regular source for your reading.

Sites to sign up to (use the same username and password for all of them to save confusion!)
  • this wiki
  • Diigo
  • Google Reader
  • Discussing Current Events ning