A political process of the governing of a particular geographic area with defined territorial boundaries.


the ability for a government/political authority to be free from external control.


large group of people bound together by common tradition, culture and usually a language within a defined geographical area. This group does not however, necessarily have a sovereign government.


A country's interests/goals as a whole - these goals can be economic, military or cultural. Primarily goals are about security and survival of the country. Secondly, the nations growth and prosperity in terms of economy and power. Countries often use their national interests to justify their actions on the international stage.


Ability for one state to influence and /or control another state.


Something used to achieve a political goal or policy such as espionage or military force.


An organisation with a specific purpose that can be economic, humanitarian, cultural or political. Attempts to reach certain goals using different resources. Governmental or non-governmental.


Rapid expansion and of the mobility of goods and services on a global scale.


The belief that the greatest possible cooperation between nations in trade, culture, education, government etc. is the best way to build peace. Opposite of isolationism and nationalism. Main focus on human rights and how solutions can be made to shared prolems through cooperation.


When a country makes a decision without consulting others.


Joint economic or security policies between two nations.


Joint economic or security policies between several nations.


A system of ideas and policies relating to economic and political issues. Can link to a nation's national interest.


Opposition between persons, states, ideas or interests. Can be armed conflict.


Available assets such as workforces, materials or money that can be drawn upon to support a country or organisation.
Any physical or virtual entity of limited availability.

This could also be the start of a glossary for those of you who would benefit from that - which is all of you really. It would be helpful to keep a list of key words that you come across with a definition that you have written and understand well.